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    Colgate Total Advanced Clean Fluoride Antibacterial Toothpaste 200g

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    Colgate Total’« Antibacterial Fluoride toothpaste has a unique formula that keeps your whole mouth healthy by fighting bacteria on teeth, tongue, cheeks, and gums for 12 hours. Colgate Total Advanced Clean is formulated with micro cleaning particles similar to what dentists use. Smooths and polishes teeth and provides a superior clean.A Healthier YouEvery day, we make it our mission to get you feeling your best - and we believe a healthy mouth makes a difference in being ready for what's ahead.So we are truly excited that you've chosen us to help you step forward confidently into life, with a smile that's healthy as can be.Colgate Total Whole Mouth Health Toothpaste helps to:ËÇó Prevents cavitiesËÇó Remove plaqueËÇó Protect enamelËÇó Prevent tartar buildupËÇó Freshen breathËÇó Whiten teethËÇó Protect gumsColgate Total toothpaste are Vegan and Gluten FreeBoxed contents: 1 ToothpasteSize: 200gWith 4 weeks of continuous usevs. a regular fluoride toothpastevs. ordinary non-antibacterial fluoride toothpastes, with 4 weeks of continued useCountry of Origin: Made in Thailand
    11. 20