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    Extra Strawberry Chewing Gum Sugar Free Bottle 64g

    5. 45
    Check out these EXTRA great reasons to chew EXTRA Gum! As well as giving you the fresh kiss confidence boost you need on date night, gum like EXTRA STRAWBERRY Sugar Free Chewing Gum is proven to help with concentration and focus while you study! (Miquel, S. et al., 2019, Physiology & Behaviour.) This EXTRA Gum is approved by the FDI World Dental Federation and helps keep teeth clean. So, grab this EXTRA Bulk Gum bottle and let the fresh strawberry fruit gum flavour give you that confidence boost, concentration help, and just brushed feeling. It's the easy way to GET YOUR DING BACK every time!To learn more about chewing gum benefits, visit a 64g 46 Piece Bulk Gum Bottle of EXTRA STRAWBERRY Sugar Free Chewing Gum.Allergen may be present: PhenylalanineCountry of Origin: Made in Australia
    5. 45