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    Frequently asked questions

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    We are here to help! If you have any quesitons regarding your order you can contact us via the 'help' button in the app and website. Alternatively you can contact us via:

    Coronavirus (Covid-19)
    Is ordering through Needly safe?

    At Needly, our first priority is to offer the best, safest, yet efficient service as possible. Our team is working hard and taking a number of precautions to make sure our customers feel safe and reassured when it comes to ordering our products and using our service. For that reason, we have introduced 'contact free delivery' at checkout which will allow drivers to see when customers have selected this option and allow for a zero contact delivery.

    The way this works is drivers will be asked to let the customer know they have arrived, place the order outside their door and wait nearby for the customer to collect the order. We have also provided very strict hygiene guidelines to our drivers and packers. This includes ensuring proper sanitation of surfaces, food handlers and order preparation environments.

    Communicating with Drivers

    We will continue to provide couriers with the latest guidance on how to safely operate in the current environment, as well as additional recommendations on how to best interact with customers to assure the cleanliness of all delivery equipment. As an organisation, it's important to us when it comes to connecting customers with drivers and will continue to provide updated guidance for you and everyone across the Needly community.

    We realise this is an extremely concerning period for everyone and want to ensure that our drivers, partners and customers are supported throughout this crisis.

    How to stay safe from coronavirus?

    Regularly and thoroughly clean your hands with an alcohol-based hand rub or wash them with soap and water. Washing your hands with soap and water or using alcohol-based hand rub will kill bacteria and viruses present.

    Avoid contact with your eyes, mouth and nose. bacterias are easily transferable especially from your hands which touch many surfaces.

    Keep up to date with the latest information from trusted sources such as the local government or World health organisation (WHO) on how to stay safe and avoiding hotspots.

    Remember, if you start to feel ill or test positive for COVID-19 and you have placed an order with us, follow all medical advice from the Australian Government Department of Health, Let us know immediately by contacting our Support team.

    Using Needly
    How does Needly work?

    You can order from Needly using either the website or the app. Simply browse through our products and place your order. Once the warehouse receives your order, we will prepare your items and package them ready to be picked up by our Needly driver and delivered straight to your door.

    How Is The Food Packaged?

    Packaging always depends on the type of products. We take great care to use packaging that maintains high quality.

    Stop using Needly

    Your account will be valid even if you don't use our service for a while. If you want to deactivate your account, you can do this at any time. For accounts registered via our website or app you can do this via the 'account' page. For accounts registered via Google or Facebook you need to remove the accounts via their respected platform.

    Questions about my order
    How do I track my order?

    Once an order is placed, you will be able to track the driver using our displayed map on the Needly app, this will allow you to see where your driver is and how long your package will take to be delivered.

    What happens if I'm not around when my order is arriving?

    If you are not around during time of delivery, our driver will try and contact you upon their arrival to try and figure out the best option. If for whatever reason the driver can't reach you, the package will be returned back to Needly and you will be refunded everything except for delivery fee.

    Can I add items to my order once it has been placed?

    If you have forgotten an item and you have just ordered, please place another order with the missing item(s) and we'll add those items to your order. We will refund you for the delivery fee for the second order.

    Does Needly accept cash payments?

    We only accept card payments, this creates a safer working environment for our drivers but feel free to tip them in cash.

    At what times can I place an order?

    Our Company operates from 7am to 11pm during weekdays, and 8am to 11pm in the weekends. So whether you need products in the early hours of the morning or late at night we have got you covered.

    Is there a Needly app and where can I find it?

    Yes! there is, our app can be found on the app store or google play and is completely free to download.

    What will happen if I have a query or complaint?

    Our customer support team is always here to help and wants you to have the best experience when it comes to quality of products and service. We are always happy to help and will deal with any issues you are experiencing.

    How can I keep in touch with you?

    We have dedicated teams in place to support our customers and drivers during this worrying time. Please send us an email to

    What If My Order Is Late?

    Sometimes things outside of a rider’s control can cause a delay. Where we can, we will always try and proactively call you if we become aware that your order might not arrive within the estimated time of delivery, and our team will work to get your order to you as quickly as possible.

    What if I cancel my order?

    You can cancel the order by contacting our support. You will still be charged delivery fee.

    When Will You Be Delivering In My Area?

    We are rapidly expanding and will hopefully have numerous Needly locations in the future.

    Is there delivery fee?

    On orders above $100 there will be no delivery fee. Any orders below $100 there is a delivery charge of $3.99.

    Is there a minimum order fee?

    When your total is less than the $10 minimum you can still place the order but we'll top it up with a small order fee of $2.50. To remove the fee, just add more to your basket.

    What If Something Is Wrong With My Order?

    We do understand that sometimes things might go wrong. If this is the case, you can use the Help function in the Needly app to speak to our customer service team and report any issues.

    Do I have to leave delivery instructions at checkout?

    Yes, you should leave as much information as possible to help suppliers find your home easily. Recommended information includes:

    • Unit or residential number
    • Any directions on where to leave the order safely if nobody is home
    About Needly
    What is Needly?

    Needly is aiming to become one of the widest-reaching online delivery services in Australia, making hundreds of products easily accessible and bringing them to you in a matter of minutes.

    What's the story behind Needly?

    Imagine living in a world where you have automatic cars that drive and navigate themselves but you can't get products instantly delivered to your door at the press of a button. That's exactly what our founder thought before making it his personal mission to bring products closer to customers and making it easier for people that dont have the luxury of being able to get up and go out to a supermarket.

    What are the opening hours?

    Please go to our Opening Hours page to check when we are open.

    How to contact us?

    We're here to help! The fastest way to get an answer is to use the app or website. Simply log in to your account, select a recent order and then use 'Help' to report your query. Or you can mail us at

    Please note we don't accept orders over the phone - so if you'd like to place an order, please place it online.

    Registered Office: Needly Trading NSW PTY LTD, 35-37 Norman Street, Peakhurst 2210, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia