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    Golden Circle Beetroot Slices 450g

    2. 45
    Sliced and ready to eat, Golden Circle’« Sliced Beetroot adds the perfect flavour to burgers, sandwiches, dips and salads. It contains no added colours, is naturally low in fat (when drained) and provides 2.5 vegie serves per can (One serve of vegetables = 75g. Aim for a variety of vegetables each day.) A versatile ingredient for cooking, Golden Circle’« Sliced Beetroot is tasty both hot and cold. Blend with chickpeas to make a beetroot hummus or bake into homemade vegie chips for a delicious snack. You don't have to always go savoury with beetroot either, it tastes great in cakes and muffins as well. Golden Circle’«, Share the Sunshine.Country of Origin: Made in New Zealand from local and imported ingredients
    2. 45