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    Mountain Dew Energised Bottle 600 Millilitre

    4. 95
    Mountain Dew Energised soft drink is a bold and distinctly refreshing citrus flavoured drink that quenches your thirst with an intense refreshment hit.With its caffeinated formula, Mountain Dew provides an energised lift when you need a pick me up at any time of day or night.The Dew 600mL bottle is perfect for those thirsty moments when you're out and about, on-the-go! It is also available in a take-home 1.25L multi-serve pack to suit all your flavoured soft drink occasions.Mountain Dew has a strong association with gaming and is known for its iconic, refreshing, one of a kind taste. Dew provides a bold burst of citrus refreshment for those thirsty moments in life. It's more than just a soft drink, it's an expression, an experience and all about having a damn good time, which is what the MTN DEW experience is all about.Do the Dew!
    4. 95