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    Piksters Dental Floss Interdental Brush Small 10 Pack

    9. 65
    Piksters’« Interdental Brushes clean the areas between your teeth more effectively than a normal toothbrush alone.Effective plaque removalPiksters’« Interdental Brushes easily get into and clean tight areas of the mouth where a toothbrush cannot reach. The spaces between teeth can conceal parts of the tooth surface, by cleaning in the spaces you get the advantage of helping reduce decay and potential gum disease. These small size 1 brushes are ideal for small tooth gaps and inside gum pockets. Each brush features an extended purple handle and a flexible head for easy access to your molars and comfortable cleaning at any angle. The brush head consists of strong & stiff plastic-coated wire covered in soft, space-filling bristles to effectively trap and scrub away food particles and dental plaque.Like dental floss, only easier!Regular plaque removal through brushing and flossing is essential for oral health and hygiene, helping to prevent gum disease, tooth decay and bad breath. Easier to use than regular dental floss, Piksters’« Interdental Brushes are a convenient, beginner-friendly alternative to flossing and a great way to make flossing a part of your daily routine. The bristles make interdental brushes especially effective for interproximal plaque removal, as they can get into the indents and crevices on the surfaces between your back teeth in a way that regular floss cannot.Piksters’« Interdental Brushes are durable for reuse like a toothbrush. Made with superior, strong wire to help prevent buckling.DirectionsPlease read the leaflet inside pack before use. Use as directed by your dental or oral health professional.Country of Origin: PRC
    9. 65