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    Vitasoy Unsweetened Oat Milk 1 Litre

    4. 15
    Your Vitasoy oat milk is made from Australian oats, whole kernels and oat flour. The oats are grown in the fertile soils of South Australia, Victoria and lower New South Wales and are non-genetically modified. Harvested in late spring, our oat kernels are carefully harvested and delivered to our factory in Regional Victoria, where we grind our oat kernels and then blend the good bits with filtered water, oat flour and other important ingredients like calcium. Naturally free from dairy, cholesterol, lactose and soy and with no added sugar, your creamy Vitasoy oat milk is ready to be savoured ËÇô with the goodness of beta-glucan.Allergen may be present: Oats
    4. 15


    GlutenCountry of Origin: Made in Australia from at least 98% Australian ingredients